Demand in the surrounding district towns remains high – the price-dampening effect hoped for by potential buyers due to the pandemic is mostly absent. The market research institute of IVD Süd e.V. presented the traditional regional report for the residential property market in the Munich area on December 15, 2021 and analyzed the current market situation in the districts of Freising, Erding, Ebersberg, Munich, Starnberg, Fürstenfeldbruck, Dachau and Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen. “In the half-year comparison between spring and autumn 2021, the price level in the district towns of the Munich area continued to rise, in some cases significantly – above all in the purchase segment,” explains Prof. Stephan Kippes, head of the IVD market research institute. “The enormous pressure of demand could at no time be slowed down by the corona pandemic.”

In the current IVD autumn survey, the price level on the purchase market continued to show a clear upward trend compared to spring 2021. The average purchase prices for detached single-family houses have now reached or exceeded the € 1 million mark in almost all of the district towns examined. Only in Fürstenfeldbruck did buyers have to pay a little less in autumn 2021 with an average of € 941,000, but here the price increases compared to spring 2021 were the highest with an increase of 4.4%. In Starnberg, by far the most expensive district town in the Munich area, the price level rose by +4.1% on a half-year comparison to € 1.91 million. In the other district towns, the plus in the period under investigation was between 0.5% in Freising and 3.5% in Ebersberg. For comparison: In the state capital of Munich, an average of € 2.1 million had to be raised for a detached single-family house in autumn 2021 (+5.0%). *

In the segment of existing condominiums, too, the price level rose in all of the district towns examined in a half-year comparison between spring and autumn 2021. Buyers had to pay an average of € 4,710 per square meter in Freising and € 6,490 in Starnberg. The clearest price increases by far in the last six months were measured in Fürstenfeldbruck with + 9.0%, followed by Erding and Ebersberg with + 3.9% and + 3.1% respectively. In the state capital Munich, the purchase price for an existing apartment in autumn 2021 was 9,000 € / m² (+ 10.4%).

The development on the rental market is usually somewhat more subdued. While the purchase price level for existing apartments rose by 52% on average in the district towns examined over the past five years (autumn 2016 to autumn 2021), the rental price level for existing apartments rose by + 18%. The gap between purchase and rental prices has widened more and more in recent years.

In autumn 2021, the rents for existing apartments in the investigated surrounding district towns averaged between € 12.80 / m² in Ebersberg and € 17.90 / m² in Starnberg. Compared to spring 2021, the price level was constant to moderately increasing, with a peak of 1.4% in Fürstenfeldbruck.

Source: IVD