Hechendorf am Pilsensee - SOLD

New building project with 4 semi-detached houses

on approx. 900 square meters of land

Sales year 2022/2023

Sales volume: EUR 4.7 million

Kein Preis

Machtlfing by Andechs - SOLD

New construction project consisting of a single family house and two semi-detached houses

on approx. 1,596 sqm of land

Sales year 2021 / 2022

Sales volume: EUR 3.8 million

Kein Preis

Herrsching am Ammersee - SOLD

18 new apartments on approx. 1.400 m²
Year of sale 2020
Sales volume: 11,7 Mio. EUR

Kein Preis

Starnberg - SOLD

Classic architecture meets modern comfort -a residential project in Starnberg
7 new apartments with 2-4 rooms Sale year: 2016
Sales volume: 5 million EUR

Kein Preis

Tutzing - SOLD

Modern Studio houses in Tutzing
10 new apartments and 3 commercial units
Sale of the year 2015 - 2017
Sales volume: 5 million EUR

Kein Preis

Odelzhausen - SOLD

Modern living meets classic elegance
2 Newly Built Semi-Detached
Sale 2019
Sales volume: 1.1 million EUR

Kein Preis

Erding - SOLD

New construction - single-family houses in the timeless coffee grinders style
3 New Construction Single Family Homes
Sale 2015
Sales volume: more than EUR 2.3 million

Kein Preis

Wolfratshausen - SOLD

New apartments in a dream location of Wolfratshausen
8 apartments with 2-5 rooms
Sale 2017
Sales volume: 4.3 million EUR

Kein Preis

Grünwald - SOLD

Modern new construction homes in Grünwald
1 detached house and 2 semi-detached houses
Sale 2017
Sales volume: 5.5 million EUR

Kein Preis

Landsberg am Lech - SOLD

Urban life on the paper stream in Landsberg am Lech
85 new apartments
Sale year 2019 - 2020
Sales volume: EUR 42 million

Kein Preis