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Landsberg am Lech - SOLD

Block Of Units -

New construction project

The paper stream is to be created, in the truest sense of the word, new living space. Professionally and in private, for old and young, alone or with others, independently or supervised, close-to-nature or city – the new district is as versatile as life itself. It provides space and facilities for individual development as well as creative and social exchange, in a lively neighborhood.

It is understood, however, by no means as a “closed society”, but wants to be much more cultural, social and even urban planning to bridge the gap between the West and the East, with its old town. The headquarters of The paper stream with its housing, office, retail, hospitality, should, supervision, and culture to enhance the quality of life in the West country, mountain, help, and a Supplement in the country, mountain, urban be.

Architectural Symbol for the new community and the growing together of the two sides of the Lech bridge that is created as part of the district, and the direct connection to the old town – more than just a symbol – making is experience.

Property Features
  • Block Of Units
  • New Construction